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Guelph Townhouse Rental
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Listing Information
Ad Number: 3
Date Posted: 01/09/2019
MLS Listing #: #92 - 88 De Corso Drive, Guelph, ON
Type of Property: Townhouse
Building or Architectural Type: A-Frame
Size in Square Feet: 1200 Square Feet
County/Metropolitan Area: Guelph
Closest Intersection Address: Arkel and Victoria
Price: 1975 per month
Full Description
This Townhouse has all appliances including washer and dryer, one car parking including garage privacy shutters on all windows. cable installed on main floor as well as each bedroom.
Listing Features
Heating: Gas
Cooking: Electric
Laundry Facilities: In unit
Parking Inside/Outside: In
Parking Facilities: 1 Car Garage
When is it available?: Feb 1st 2019
Local Services
Mass Transit: Km
Shopping: Km
Schools: Km
Daycare: Km
MicrowaveAir ConditioningStorage
Central VacBalcony
Owner Information
Day Telephone Number: 4166771419
Evening Telephone Number:
E-Mail Address:

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