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Listings by County and Metropolitan Area
Armour (Burks Falls, Katrine) (1) New Blair (0)
Brown (0) Callander (0)
Carling (0) East Mills (Arnstein, Loring, Port Loring) (0)
Hardy (0) Harrison (0)
Henvey (0) Joly (0)
Kearney (0) Laurier (South River) (0)
Lount (0) Machar (0)
Magnetawan (Ahmic Harbour) (0) McConkey (0)
McDougall (Parry Sound) (0) McKellar (0)
McMurrich - Monteith (Bear Lake, Sprucedale, Whitehall) (0) Mowat (0)
Nipissing (0) Patterson (Restoule) (0)
Perry (Clear Lake, Emsdale, Novar) (0) Powassan (Trout Creek) (0)
Pringle (Commanda, Golden Valley) (0) Ryerson (0)
Seguin (0) Shawanaga (0)
Strong (Sundridge) (0) The Archpelago (0)
Wallbridge (0) Whitestone (Ardbeg, Dunchurch) (0)
Wilson (0)


Cottages For Rent In Parry Sound

Why Choose Cottage Rentals In Parry Sound?

Parry Sound cottage rentals are a great way to get international comfort standards at a fraction of the price. There are several advantages of selecting a cottage rental instead of a hotel for your next vacation.

Advantages of cottage rental:

  • When vacationing with family or friends this option becomes very practical. You can all chip in to pay for the costs and the facilities, which include a kitchen allowing for more savings as you prepare your own meals if needed.
  • If you have a need for privacy this is definitely the way to go. A cottage provides this added advantage allowing you to the freedom to leave and return without being disturbed by anyone. If you like to sleep in, you don't have to worry about housekeeping knocking at your door. Honeymooners may also find a cottage a much better idea than a large hotel.
  • Cottage rentals in Parry Sound will generally charge you a flat rate for the use of the entire cottage and not per head. This makes it a great idea for groups and families vacationing together. Taking out hotel rooms for each person or a suite would definitely be way more expensive than cottages.
  • If you have young children you don't have to be worried every time your child is out of site in the cottage unlike if you were in a hotel. This becomes just another home for the family and you are able to monitor where your children are with ease. In a hotel you may be concerned about them going into other rooms or walking up and down the hallway.
  • Cottages for rent are great for people who want to have a local experience. If you have wanted to live like the locals in that particular area, this is how to do it. For some people it is not a vacation if luxury is not part of it. If you are one of these you should consider a cottage that offers a hot tub or a private pool that you can enjoy exclusively. Selecting a cottage does not automatically mean that you don't get to enjoy luxury.
  • There are many options available when it comes to renting a cottage for your vacation. You can go budget or spend a little more for the high end options. This gives you a choice in location, space as well as size.
  • Your stay options can include weekly or an extended stay depending on your needs. The variety of options is a definite plus and considering that it will not cost you an arm and a leg, it is absolutely fantastic.

The cottages available in the Parry Sound district can are strategically placed around Bear Lake, Lake Manitouwabing, Almaguin Highlands, Trout Creek and many more. A quick search will reveal a wonderful selection that you and your family or friends can enjoy. Browse through the various options available online, look at the pictures and then decide on what works for you. Parry Sound District includes the Almaguin Highlands which inlcludes Ahmic Harbour, Ardbeg, Arnstein, Bear Lake, Burks Falls cottages. In McKellar and McDougall you will find Lake Manitouwabing cottage rentals. Also included is Callader, Commanda, Dunchurch, Emsdale, Golden Valley, Katrine, Kearney. More counties with wonderful lakes for cottage rentals are Loring, McMurrich Monteith, Magnetawan, Novar, Perry, Port Loring, Powassan. Other locations are Restoule, Ryerson, South River, Sprucedale, Strong, Sundridge, Trout Creek, Whitehall, Whitestone.

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